Standard Floor
The standard basic floor. In almost every room.
Everything can go on the standard floor.

Silly Lolo, hoverboards don't work on water, unless they have POWER!
Unfortunately there aren't any hoverboards in this game, but there are enemies that can be turned into eggs and pushed onto the water, and then used as a raft.

Flower Beds
Yup, those are flowers.
Flower Beds are Lolo's safe haven. Enemies cannot enter flower beds.
(Although they can shoot onto them.)
Lolo can take a break from enemies and smell the flowers.

Desert areas are an interesting environment. They reduce Lolo's speed by fifty-percent.
Lolo can't outrun enemies when he has to cross a desert.

Hot stuff, coming through the room.
Nothing can enter the lava and survive. Just gotta avoid it, and cross it with a bridge.

These allow you to cross over lava and water, just like in real life.
Well, maybe not lava.

Emerald Framer
Wooo! Gotta love these push-able blocks. Push them all around to block enemies.
Push can't pull.

Heart Framer
Lolo has to collect all of these in a level to open the treasure chest and get the jewel to exit the room.
Getting these are essentially your mission in each room.

Special Heart Framer
They look, smell and taste exactly like a regular heart framer but with a special gift!
These heart framers will give you two shots, so you can destroy enemies or turn them into eggs.

One-Way Passes
I personally can't stand these!
You cannot enter them from the opposing side. A room filled with these is madness.

The rock is Lolo's stationary shield. Enemies cannot shoot through it.

Trees block Lolo, and enemies can shoot through it!
At least they give the room oxygen.

Treasure Chest
The goal of each room. Collect all the hearts and this chest will open to reveal a jewel.
Get the jewel and all enemies in the room will disappear and a way out of the room will appear.