This is the hero of the series the little adorable blue ball you play as.
He may not be able to jump, or run that fast, but he sure can think his way out of any room.

Lala is Lolo's wife, and she is one smart pink ball as well.
In the third Lolo game for the NES, she is a playable character.
She plays exactly like Lolo, but she's pink and as a bow!
Come on, who doesn't want to play as Lala?

What do blue and pink make? Purple!
This is King Lolo and Queen Lala's son Prince Lulu.
He only appears in the Gameboy game Adventures of Lolo.

I love this little guy.
Donkey and Diddy Kong had their animal buddies, and this is essentially Lolo's.
Snakey is found in various stages and won't harm Lolo, but Lolo can use Snakey to travel across water as well as block from enemies attacks.

Rockys are like gentle giants in a way.
They will walk around a room, and will run to Lolo and often block him in.
They won't kill Lolo, but by blocking Lolo in, he essentially has to restart the level.

Leepers are crazy little buggers. They will run hop around a room, and if they touch Lolo they will fall asleep. Once asleep they cannot be woken, and they cannot be turned into an egg with a magic shot.
Lolo has a love-hate relationship with Leepers.
They can fall asleep and block Lolo, or they can fall asleep and block an enemy for Lolo.

Gols are sleeping dragons. They are stationary, and once all heart framers are collected in a room, they awake and will blow fire as Lolo passes by the front of their bodies.
Lolo can at times outrun the flame, that is if he is far enough away when passing a Gol.

Skulls will sleep until Lolo collects all the heart framers in a room. They will then spring to life and move around the room trying to catch Lolo.
Lolo typically tries to block them before getting all the heart framers, or he boogies it, and rushes for the jewel in the chest before he's caught.

Alma's are like armadillos. They are always moving around, and will go into a ball formation and roll at Lolo. They are never asleep. It's best to try to dodge and block them.

The infamous Medusa. They seem to be the most popular enemy.
They remain stationary, and are always active. If Lolo crosses ones field of vision in any direction, the Medusa will freeze and kill Lolo. Medusas cannot be outrun. Lolo must block and avoid them.

Don Medusa
These guys are just like Medusas except they move!
They will either move back and forth vertically or horizontally.

King Egger
Lolo's nemesis. Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganon, and Lolo has Egger.
You see King Egger at the end of the games, after you've went though all the puzzling rooms.
It's the time where Lolo uses his brawn and takes down King Egger.